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Everybody wants to go sugar free. Sugar-free an extremely popular term especially among the health conscious and busy people from the current era. Having started as a trend, it’s quite impressive how it can be called a norm today. And there is no turning back for good. A teaspoon of sugar is equal to nearly 20 calories. Imagine all the sugar in 2-5 or more cups of tea/coffee every day with an average of 2 teaspoons of sugar per cup. With 4+ cups, you could be consuming nearly 160-200 calories merely through your favorite beverage each day!

Sugar Free Green Stevia 100% Natural 100 Pellets are Over-The-Counter (OTC) top quality sugar substitutes by Sugar Free India which gives you the desired sweetness and the taste of sugar but with ZERO calories. Made out of Stevia, a sweetener and sugar substitute which is extracted from a shrub called Stevia Rebaudiana, the Sugar Free Green Stevia 100% Natural 100 Pellet is suitable for people who are health conscious and intend to keep themselves fit with smart ways. Sugar Free India is the market leader for artificial sweeteners with 94% market share in India. Their nutritious and safe artificial sweeteners are ideal due to their low calorie count.

Suitable for adults as well as children

Benefits of Sugar Free Green Stevia 100% Natural 100 Pellets

  • Zero calories, high on nutrition and yet tasty
  • Zero carbohydrates
  • Prevents and reduces obesity
  • Controls cholesterol
  • The pellets are suitable for kids too
  • A great replacement of sugar for sweet-loving diabetic patients
  • Ideal for health conscious people: controlled calorie intake and low on sugar is the key to fitness

Product Specifications

  • A pack of 100 pellets
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegetarian formula
  • Children-friendly
  • Safe: usually no side effects noted unless having consumed an overdose


One pellet is equivalent to the sweetness of 1 teaspoon of sugar. Therefore, for a controlled intake, one tablet in one cup of tea is an ideal dosage. However, if one is not diabetic or does not have obesity issues and has no other health barriers that may demand staying away from sugar, then 2 tablets may be consumed occasionally.

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