MED VITALIA MM  20 bottles , 10 ml

MED VITALIA MM 20 bottles , 10 ml

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Product Code: VITALIA MM 20 bottles , 10 ml
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Product Description

Box containing 20 shot / 10 ml

About the product: 


Vitalia MM is an innovative product contains exclusively 1000 mg of Royal Jelly +  1000 mg of panax ginseng and open bee pollen and vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) and vitamin E , which acts synergically to boost your power to the top also it enhance immune system 


• Pack size 20 drinkable shots(10 ml each).

• Sugar free (sweeting agent Sucralose) so it is suitable for diabetic and patients on diet control .

• Natural Anise  flavor.

• All ingredients and finished product made in Spain. 


Royal jelly 1000 mg

Panax ginseng 1000 mg

Open bee pollen 200 mg

Vitamin C : 30 mg

Vitamin E : 9 mg


Vitalia MM®️ Bosts vitality & Energy levels .

Vitalia MM®️ Bosts Immune system.

Vitalia MM®️ helps improve Libido for both of Men & Women .

Vitalia MM®️ improves Erectile Dysfunction.

Vitalia MM®️ may enhance mood , cognitive functions .

Vitalia MM®️ helps overcome fatigue and feeling of tiredness• 

How to Use: 

Vitalia MM ® is suitable for both male and female 

For best results, it is recommended that you drink one bottle each morning before breakfast.

Shake the bottle before usage  

Warnings : 

Keep out of reach of the children .

Contains royal jelly and pollen which may cause sensitivity to some people .

Not recommended for pregnant and breast feeding women and children and anyone has sensitivity to bee products  

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