MED NEU - Royale Q  20 bottles , 10 ml

MED NEU - Royale Q 20 bottles , 10 ml

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Product Code: NEU - Royale Q 20 bottles , 10 ml
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Product Description

About the product: 


NEU-ROUALE Q  is an unique innovative product contains exclusively Royal Jelly +  Co enzyme Q 10 and a mixture of concentrated blend of 16 multi vitamins which are clinically proven its efficacy to boost energy and enhance the general health and improve fertility for both men and women and enhance the immune system  


• Pack size 20 drinkable shots(10 ml each).

• Natural orange  flavor.

• All ingredients and finished product made in Spain. 


Royal jelly 220 mg

Co-enzyme Q10 110 mg

Vitamin C : 60 mg

Vitamin E : 9 mg

Vitamin B5 :5 mg

Niacin : 15 mg

Zinc14 mg 

Magnesium :60 mg

Vitamin B6 : 1.3 mg

Riboflavin : 1.2 mg 

Thiamin : 1.2 mg

Vitamin A : 800 microgram

Folic acid : 200 microgram

Selenium : 55 microgram

Biotin : 30 microgram

Vitamin K1 : 25 microgram 

Vitamin D : 5 microgram

Vitamin B12 : 1 microgram


Maintains healthy immunity & body functions .

Boost energy and overcome fatigue

Support Ova and sperm health.

Promote hormone balance.

Support Fertility issues that are related to hormonal imbalance.

Has strong anti-oxidant effect

How to Use: 

NEU-ROYALE Q ® is suitable for both male and female 

For best results, it is recommended that you drink one bottle each morning before breakfast.

Shake the bottle before usage 

Warnings : 

Keep out of reach of the children .

Contains royal jelly and pollen which may cause sensitivity to some people .

Not recommended for pregnant and breast feeding women and children and anyone has sensitivity to bee products  

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