MED Hyfiber liquid fiber - with FOS ( 15 sachets *30 ml )

MED Hyfiber liquid fiber - with FOS ( 15 sachets *30 ml )

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Product Code: Hyfiber liquid fiber - with FOS ( 30 ml )
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Product Description

Hyfiber liquid fiber with prebiotics 

•        hyfiber is the only Concentrated liquid fibers with prebiotics , ready to be used

•        hyfiber is a low volume liquid fiber supplement with FOS that contain 12 gm soluble fiber & 1.7 gm FOS prebiotics in each 30 ml sachet .

•        hyfiber is used to treat chronic and acute constipation 

•        hyfiber is used to decrease the symptoms of IBS .

•        hyfiber is used for wight management and helps in weight loss.

•        Is so beneficial to hemorrhoids patients to relive the constipation and decrease the incidence of bleeding or recurrence of hemorrhoids.

•        HyFiber contains 12 grams of soluble fiber per 30 ml dose.

•        HyFiber has a delicious citrus taste and clear as water.

•        HyFiber requires no mixing and can be taken directly or added to your favorite hot or cold beverage

•        HyFiber has none of the side effects or contraindications associated with laxatives. 

•        Hyfiber is safe during pregnancy and for children over 3 years old .

•        Hyfiber has no contraindications or restrictions for use.

•        HyFiber doesn’t affect medication absorption.

•        HyFiber can be taken at any time and with other medications.

•        Hyfiber does not contain polyethylene glycol (PEG)

•        HyFiber is sugar, lactose, gluten, sodium and phosphorus free.

How to use it :

In all acute cases and weight management and during pregnancy , for IBS , & hemorrhoids patient :

•        1 sachet is used daily not related to food .

In chronic constipation : 

•        3 sachets per day for 2 days then 2 sachets / day for 2 days then use one sachet /day  

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