ALCOR Feeding Pump

ALCOR Feeding Pump

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Product Description

The SENTINELplus® Enteral Feeding Pump, an enhanced version of our popular SENTINEL® feeding pump. A lighter, smaller package brings the same simplicity and reliability of its predecessor. Contact us to learn more about our enteral feeding pump!

A familiar workhorse stationary enteral feeding pump that delivers all formulas with simple-to-use operation, easy to read displays and with over a decade of proven performance.

Simple Programming:

Easy-to-read LED display and easy-to-use keypad help users to activate many functions with a single touch

Clover Shaped Rotor:

The unique rotor shape helps indicate feeding pump operation from a reasonable distance

User-Friendly Functions:

  • Built-in pole clamp allows patient mobility.
  • Feeding Pump can be loaded with one hand.

Drop-Detection Technology:

Patented drop-detection technology ensures accurate delivery and helps minimize false alarms; ±10% accuracy with flow rates between 5-295 mL/hr

Dual Display:

  • Clear, large dual display windows can be read from a distance.
  • Adjustable display brightness. For day or night operation.
  • Anti-Free Flow Protection

Dose Check:

Dose Check keeps a record of the accumulated amount of formula delivered over several feedings.

Simple Alarms:

Audible and visible alarms are readily differentiated. User is alerted when pump battery is low, when the formula container is empty, or the line is occluded, when the dose is complete, and in the event of formula excess flow.

Advanced Memory:

Advanced software retains pump history only until manually erased, even in the event of power failures, or when the enteral feeding pump is turned off

Easy & Convenient Transport:

The cord wrap plate allows for safe, easy storage of the power cord while the patient is mobile

Pumping Mechanism:

Rotary Peristaltic

Operating Range:

5-295mL/hr in 1mL/hr increments

Dose Limit:

1-2000mL in 1mL increments; 2000-9999 in 5 ml increments

Dose Accuracy:

±10% of selected flow rate with ALCOR sets. (See Appendix A- Accuracy Graphs)

Occlusion Pressure:

Does not exceed 15 psi


12v, 1.2 AH/1.3 AH sealed lead acid

Battery Life:

Automatically recharges when connected to an AC outlet. Recharge time is 10 hours from complete discharge to full recharge.

Operating time 6 hours at 125 ml/hr.


15cm H x 20cm W x 9cm D


1.42 kg

Case Material

High strength plastic

Power Requirement

18VDC, 1 AMP

Power Supply

100 to 240VAC, 400-200mA, 50-60HZ

Oper. Condition

+16 to +40°C, 10 to 95% RH, 500 – 1060mmHg

Transport and Storage

-10 to +50°C , 10 to 95% RH

Shock Protection

Class II, Type BF

Water Ingress


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